Thursday, August 14

A couple of Projects coming out in the near future...

You Got:

Dillan Chase's -The Pursuit August 23, 2008

Evangel's -Expository Journey August 26, 2008

Future's -Wake Up Call August 26, 2008

Ambassador's -The Chop Chop September 23, 2008

LeCrae's -Rebel Pre Order set $44.99 September 30, 2008

This'l -The Chronicles of an X-Hustler October 21, 2008

All these artist are Biblically sound, I have never had an issue with Theological views from these Brothers. I highly recommend any of these projects if not all!!

These are just a few of the upcoming projects slated for the latter half of this year!

Encouragement to Preachers by Spurgeon
The sermon preached by Peter at Pentecost was the arrow of the Lord’s deliverance to three thousand, and there is no reason why the Lord should not cause one of ours to be the same. Three thousand cannot be converted if only a hundred are present to hear; but with this rest assembly, and thousands of smaller ones, within gunshot, why should not the slain of the Lord be many? Assuredly the divine Comforter can as readily bless three millions as three individuals.


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