Friday, August 15

This is one of the MAIN REASONS Obama isn't getting my VOTE! I'm adamant about this!

For a Christian to overlook this issue, and say its a matter of two lesser evils is compromising, this is MURDER! Violation of the Sixth and First Commandments!

Anyhow, I won "God doesn't believe in Atheists" by Ray Comfort on Fish with Trish's Blog

The Unpardonable Sin by Spurgeon
One friend perhaps says, 'I am afraid that I have committed the unpardonable sin' If you come to Christ, you have not, I know; for him that comes to him Jesus will in no wise cast out. He cannot, therefore, have committed the unpardonable sin. Come along with you, man, and if you are blacker than all the rest of the sinners in the world, so much the more glorious shall be the grace of God when it shall have proved its power by washing you whiter than snow in the precious blood of Jesus .



Jean Alexandre said...

Yo son, I was gonna vote for this fool, no longer. I had no idea. I am totally not with abortions, and these are the worst kind.

The Real Pae said...

It was great finally meeting you, Im glad we share this view my bruh! Hey this is my motto "Either we stand for Biblical truths, or we might as well not stand at all!"

Cant wait to hear your new stuff my Bruh!

Thanks for the e-mail!

One, Les!

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