Friday, August 22

This is like the funniest thing I have seen since Lakeland! What a Joke!!

What can I say, ROFL! "Massaging the anointing" "practicing raising the dead" really where does this stuff come from, I know its not the Bible. She also says when shes praying that a "violent spirit" would come upon those shes praying for, listen to me, reminds me of the violence in the Scriptures concerning the Sons of Sceva, this is so ridiculous, hey wasnt Todd Bentley violent, hmmmmmm. Things that make you go hmmmmm... Anyways back to our scheduled programing...

A Clear Message by Spurgeon
If we want men to be truly converted, we must set before them the plan of salvation very clearly and distinctly. I meet with hundreds of persons who have had some kind of work upon their hearts, but they tell me that they walk in a mist. They have not quite understood it. They felt that they were on the rock, but they were not quite sure what the rock really was. It is a good thing that our zeal for God should be according to knowledge, that we know what we believe, and why we believe it; and know that we are saved, and how we are saved, and why we are saved; for if there be a mistake here, it may be fatal.

C'ya, and until next time Sola Dei Gloria


Michelle said...

Please tell me that video wasn't real.


Hey Lester!

I'm doing great. I pray that you and your family are doing well also.

Lol! Thanks for the comment, I am greatly encouraged by your blog. I have to say, most people hate what I write, so you're a reminder that I'm not alone in this fight for truth.

Press on! And continue to boldly proclaim the TRUTH!

For His Glory,


The Real Pae said...

Hey Michelle, I wished and hoped this video wasnt real, but unfortunately this video testifies to the times, how perilous they are! Be encouraged, we are destined to be hated, make sure you read Philipians 1:29.

Keep fighting the good fight, and remember HE will always be King, the true RESURRECTOR and RESURRECTION!

Thank you for your kind words!

In HIM, Sola Dei Gloria!


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