Monday, August 18

Once again, I LUV IT!! A different twist!! Make a Joyful Noise!

C.H. Spurgeon and D.L. Moody on the day they met...

"D.L. Moody went to London to meet Spurgeon, whom he had admired from a distance and considered to be his professional mentor. However, when Spurgeon answered the door with a cigar in his mouth, Moody fell down the stairs in shock. "How could you, a man of God, smoke that?" protested the great American evangelist.

Spurgeon took the stogie out of his mouth and walked down the steps to where Moody was still standing in bewilderment. Putting his finger on Moody's rather rotund stomach, he smiled and said, "The same way you, a man of God, could be that fat!"

I am in no way in favor of smoking, but this really makes me look at myself for the things I overlook in my life and quick to point out in others. LOL though, this made me chuckle!

Classic C.H.S

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