Tuesday, September 16

Dropping October 15, 2008 - The ESV Study BIBLE!

The ESV Study Bible is Dropping October 15, 2008. Boy oh Boy, this Bible is off the hook, its going to be available in hardcover, bonded leather, genuine leather, and calf skin. This Bible is gonna be packed with goodies, maps, compiled commentaries from over 95 Theological Scholars, extensive book introductions and much much much more. Visit the link for the ESV Study Bible here!

CLICK HERE>>>PDF file of Ephesians Intro. Check this out, it will convince you!

This is a must have for students of the Scriptures! Remember the Scriptures urge us to study to show ourselves approved, and to rightly divide the Word of Truth!

Here's some Spurgeon for you!

Human Wisdom by Spurgeon
I was in the Hall of Philosophers a little while ago, where were the busts of Socrates, and Plato, and Solon, and all the great men of former ages. But if they were all put together, of what small account were the maxims that they taught mankind for the promotion of real happiness and true goodness? Why, the sum total is nothing in comparison with that one sermon of the Christ of Nazareth which He preached upon the Mount? That one sermon put into the scale outweighs the wisdom of Greece and Rome. And yet, when the Man had come who unselfishly, lovingly, tenderly, wisely would lead our fallen race into the paths of holiness, and onward to the goal of perfect felicity, what did humanity do but grind its teeth, and gather up its weapons and say, “Away with such a fellow from the earth; it is not fit that he should live!” Alas, human nature! How demented and imbecile you are! The very beasts might lay claim to more sagacity and shrewdness than you have .



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