Saturday, September 6

This Cat Humble Tip got mad swag!

Before we get to the title, I had to post this Poster, its hawt, truth, and destroying our church! Now to the title of the Posting!

Don't get me wrong, I'm just saying that this dude has mad swag, he ain't exactly my style of Christian Rap, but I do give him recognition for his effort and attempt.

He entered this Contest "Hot 16" BET and Jermaine Dupri are holding, peep it, I'm not linking to the voting or anything you gonna have to do that yourself. But peep his entry, its definitely worth a mention, and he is spiting Jesus all over them 16's.

This is his album promo:

I gotta say he got mad swag!

One, See ya Monday with the start of the series on Total Depravity!

Here's some spurgeon for ya:

Reading the Scriptures

If this be the Word of God, what will become of some of you who have not read it for the last month? “Month, sir! I have not read it for this year." Ay, there are some of you who have not read it at all. Most people treat the Bible very politely. They have a small pocket volume, neatly bound, they put a white pocket-handkerchief around it, and carry it to their places of worship. When they get home, they lay it up in a drawer till next Sunday morning; then it comes out again for a little bit of a treat and goes to chapel; that is all the poor Bible gets in the way of an airing. That is your style of entertaining this Heavenly messenger. There is dust enough on some of your Bibles to write “damnation” with your fingers . There are some of you who have not turned over your Bibles for a long, long, long while, and what think you? I tell you blunt words, but true words. What will God say at last? When you shall come before him, he shall say, “Did you read my Bible?” “No.” I wrote you a letter of mercy; did you read it?” “No.” “Rebel! I have sent you a letter inviting you to me: did you ever read it?” “Lord I never broke the seal; I kept it shut up.” “Wretch!”, says God, “then you deserves Hell, if I sent you a loving epistle and you would not even break the seal: what shall I do to you?” Oh! let it not be so with you. Be Bible readers; be Bible searchers .


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